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BRIUS’ unique experience as both a staffing vendor and contract HR/Onboarding service provider allow it to quickly outperform our clients’ legacy technical managed service providers.

BRIUS’ collaborative problem-solving approach coupled with an intense and focused, hands-on training program (tailored the client’s unique processes), and its ability to quickly and efficiently onboard a top-tier team quickly anywhere in the United State provides its clients higher quality, faster implementation, and a better customer experience.

BRIUS’ extensive staffing expertise plus its 20,000 strong candidate pool enable it to ramp up and down as work volumes change over time.  This means you don’t have to agonize over opening up a ton of employee staff requisitions one month, only to have lay them off a few months to a year down the road.

BRIUS is able to quickly onboard and train installers with these skillsets:

Voice, Data, Video Installation Services

  • FTTP, IPTV, High-Speed Data Modems
  • Digital and Analog Television
  • Digital Telephone Service
  • HDTV and DVR Installations
  • Residential and Business Installations
  • Aerial Coax and Fiber Optic construction
  • Underground Coax and Fiber Optic Construction
  • Fiber Optic Splicing and Testing
  • Residential Drop Rebuild Swings and Replacements
  • Power Supply Installation and Activation
  • Multi-Family Dwelling Construction and Post-wire
  • Residential and MDU Audit Programs
  • Power Supply Installation and Activation
  • Turnkey Material Services