What’s your business?

Really, what is it?

Are you in the business of delivering projects on time for your clients?

Or are you in the business of hiring people and onboarding them?

If you’re like most of our clients you need to be the former and not the latter.

But don’t you often find yourself struggling to get the right people on your team at the right time?

So it is hurry up.  Okay, team, who do you know?  Call your industry buddies.  We don’t want to pay a recruiter fee to get people on board if we can use our own network.

And that makes complete sense.  

But what happens when you need to onboard a whole new team for a big project? 

One that needs to be kicked off in the next 30-60 days (or sooner)?

Will your small team of in-house recruiting staff, who are already struggling to stay on top of their existing workload, and your H/R managers who are putting out their own fires, are they going to be able to effectively churn through the prospecting, selecting, interviewing, sending to your hiring managers, following up, running the background checks, kicking out offer letters, onboarding, etc.?

And what is the pool they are drawling from? 

Just those tasks alone require a small army to be effective.  And you don’t have that.

And what happens when your ideal candidate turns you down because you’re not offering enough money to leave his current job?  Yes, the good ones often have jobs already.

Or when you can’t get enough good candidates – the ones on the street who are “available” are often available for a reason…and it isn’t a good one.

That’s why you’re here.  

And why you’re checking out our website.  You wouldn’t be here if you already had it handled, right?

Next step is convincing your team that this is the best value add for your company.

After All,  Your company’s future is riding on good-quality hires

Here’s Why our clients love BRIUS:

Over the last 25 years BRIUS has created relationships with over 20,000 experienced telecom candidates. These candidates can be available for interview within as little as 48 hour turnaround for most positions – rather than weeks or months elsewhere. 

  • Values First - Our Company relies on openness (as the key to fostering lasting relationships) and transparency (in all business negotiations and transactions).These principles are fundamental to good business practices and drive our business By being open and transparent we align our interests with yours – delivering for you and your customers.
  • Immediate Access to Top-Tier Talent - Finding the best people is vital for our clients. For 17 years we have been uncompromising in consistently and continually building and maintaining relationships with a wide variety of telecom professionals. As a result we now have a proprietary database of over 20,000 prescreened, experienced, telecom professionals at our disposal. So when you have a need, we can identify the most reliable and proficient talent matches for your project, immediately know their location and availability, and activate them for you – often in as little as 48 hours.  No more putting your project on hold while you wait for your staffing agency to search LinkedIn for the leftovers.
  • Retention through Contractor Care - Face it. Contractors often choose a contractor role because they’re either trying to increase their pay or bide their time until a full time employee position opens up.  That stifles commitment, drives up turnover and kills performance.  We work differently.  We boost our consultant's morale and commitment by providing competitive pay, solid benefits and superior contractor care (we just don’t dump them in your lap and forget them). And happy contractors make happy clients!

We do the work - no more neglecting other work because there’s a hiring push – let us do the heavy lifting and you choose from there


Why our clients love BRIUS Human Resources and Onboarding Services:

  • No more “fog-a-mirror” hires.  BRIUS handles the pre-hire and onboarding work so you just focus on getting the team rolling on the project.  And you cut your back-end problems because you chose to use BRIUS instead of making bad hires in a hurry.
  • You get a professional onboarding process.  Most companies in the telecom field struggle to onboard well.  Bring BRIUS in and we’ll help you streamline your existing onboarding system.  Or just bolt on ours.  Either way we’ll make you look awesome.  And lost productivity at the start of your project will be a thing of the past.  And word spreads fast.  So the best clamor to join your organization.


Good.  You’re right to be skeptical.  But there’s more to the story.

Here’s a dirty little secret.  Something that most people won’t share…but we fully understand. 

Many times hiring managers just won’t use the company recruiting processes.  They’ll duct-tape together alternate solutions to avoid the bad parts. 


Because they’ve been burned in the past with bad hires or twisting in the wind waiting for a candidate to bring on that meets their needs.

Why ignore the problem?  

Get BRIUS in to assess your existing system and manage an overhaul.  Or have us as your contract HR solution.  Whether it is to get over a temporary staffing rush (where you’ve landed a big project) or as an ongoing solution.

Or are you dealing with the craziness of certain states with employee-friendly employment laws?

And I’m not talking laws that are rational and make sense and protect both sides.  I’m talking the ones that cause you to want to rip your resources out of that state.  And to not even do business there. 

But the problem is those states are often where many of the new opportunities come from.  That is where the business is.  So rather than setting yourself up for litigation because you stumbled in blindly, outsource to us and we’ll handle your recruiting and H/R.  So you can focus on landing and delivering the high-value projects that those states have to offer.

Why our clients love BRIUS Technical Services and Managed Services:

Adding a new contracting company often means more frustration for you.  As they learn your processes and procedures and work to get up to speed handling the workload.

BRIUS takes a different approach to address that problem.

Our integrated onboarding and training processes are custom-tailored to your Meet YOUR processes.  We work as a partnership to further improve the effectiveness of the processes and the team that performs the work.

That is how we’ve gone from New to Number Two in under four months.

Let us help you capture market share and results as we work together towards a common goal.

Contact us today to find out how we can get started.